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8/6 PBE Update: Psyops Sona Voiceover

The PBE has been updated! As we continue the 10.18 PBE cycle, today’s patch includes PsyOps Sona’s voiceover files and a look at base Sona’s special interactions!

As a Legendary skin, PsyOps Sona has a new voiceover!

With Sona’s updated voiceover, she has new special interactions! Here’s a video showing them off:

Balance Changes

There are no Balance Changes for now!

Context & Notes

1) Riot will be going on a summer break starting August 10th! Here’s Riot Kami Banani with details on how this will affect the PBE:
“Hi friends! I’ll be your RM for 10.18.  As noted below, we’re taking a week off! This means:
a) no PBE maintenance during vacation week
b) 10.18 will be on PBE for an extra week
c) there is no 10.17 as far as PBE is concerned  Hope y’all enjoy the patch!”
They added:
“So for clarity: any changes in “10.17” (which is not a patch but more like a mid-patch balance update for 10.16) will be reflected in 10.18, it’s just not its own update for PBE due to the way we update patches that are live vs. patches still in development.”

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