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Best Pantheon build in League of Legends season 10

One of the best builds for one of the most versatile champions.

The Unbreakable Spear, Pantheon is one of the most versatile champions in League of Legends. While traditionally played as a top champion, Pantheon can be played in the mid lane and even support. The champion’s kit allows him to shut down opponents’ abilities and win duels with ease early in the game while remaining powerful throughout.

As with all champions in League, different items are going to compliment Pantheon’s kit more than others and these items will vary depending on the situation in-game. While this is true, there are core items that are necessary to assist in finding victory with Pantheon.


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Conqueror: This rune is going to build stacks from basic attacks or spells that, once full, will heal Pantheon by 15 percent of damage dealt to enemy champions. Having this healing is going to assist the champion when dueling, giving him a slight edge.

Triumph: Another rune that is going to give Pantheon more healing, Triumph will grant Pantheon 12 percent of his missing health after a successful takedown. On top of this, the rune will grant 20 extra gold on takedowns also.

Legend: Alacrity: This rune is going to assist Pantheon in reaping the benefits of his passive “Mortal Will” as well as generally assisting him in combat. Legend: Alacrity will grant Pantheon permanent attack speed after scoring takedowns on enemies. The faster you are able to secure kills or assists, the more benefit you will receive from this rune.

Coupe De Grace: Pantheon will often find himself in one-on-one dueling situations, so choosing Coupe De Grace is a no-brainer. This rune allows the champion to deal more damage to enemies who have low health allowing him the edge during close duels.


Biscuit Delivery: As with most aggressive top lane champions, biscuit delivery is going to be important to heal Pantheon and make sure he has satisfactory health to remain in the lane. On top of this, Biscuit Delivery will permanently increase the champion’s mana pool by 50 for each biscuit consumed.

Time Warp Tonic: With a potion or rune such as the previously mentioned Biscuit Delivery, often the effects will be dealt over time, and during this window, a player may not have adequate health to survive combat. With Time Warp Tonic, the effects of these items will see 50 percent dealt immediately, giving Pantheon that health boost he needs to win a fight.

Bonuses: +9 Adaptive Force, +9 Adaptive Force, +15-90 HP (Lvls 1-18)

Starting Items

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Corrupting Potion

To ensure you have the most health possible in fights, purchasing Corrupting Potion is going to be especially important in the early game when players often have low health. The item’s 125 health healing and 75 mana restoration will often give Pantheon the advantage he needs to defeat opponents in the early stages of the game. This item will carry three charges and will be refilled when the player returns to the base.

Core Items

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Youmuu’s Ghostblade

Having the opportunity to utilize Pantheon’s abilities as often as possible is going to be a great advantage for the champion when he is chasing down his opponents. Getting in range and landing a Shield Vault to stun an enemy can be just enough to secure a takedown.

Youmuu’s Ghostblade facilitates this by granting Pantheon 40 movement speed outside of combat and 20 percent movement speed with the ability to walk through units once the item is activated. This is going to make chasing down enemies much easier and allow Pantheon to utilize his entire kit. On top of this, the item grants 55 additional attack damage and a 10-percent cooldown reduction.

Black Cleaver

While a solid pick in the top lane, Pantheon often does not have as much health as many of the tank options that dominate the lane. To counter this, building a Black Cleaver is going to grant Pantheon an extra 400 health as well as 40 attack damage and 20-percent cooldown reduction. The item has two passive abilities. The first will reduce the effects of an enemy’s armor for a short amount of time after Pantheon deals physical damage to them. This effect can stack up to 24 percent of their armor. The other effect will grant Pantheon bonus movement speed once he has dealt physical damage to an enemy.

Ninja Tabi

On top of the bonus 45 movement speed granted by these boots, Ninja Tabi will grant 20 armor and a unique passive that will block 12 percent of the damage Pantheon takes from basic attacks. When dueling basic-attack dominant champions, this item is going to come in extremely handy, more so than the effects of many other boot options.

Late Game Items

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Mortal Reminder

Once you enter the later stages of the match, enemies are going to greatly increase their armor to counter some of the damage from the team. While some of Pantheon’s core items have armor-penetrating effects, this is the stage in the game where that will become the main focus.

Mortal Reminder will grant Pantheon 45 attack damage as well as a unique passive ability that will see physical damage dealt by the champion inflict Grievous Wounds on the enemy. Grievous Wounds will reduce any healing effects by 40 percent for five seconds. The other passive ability the item holds will grant Pantheons attacks 25 percent armor penetration.

Edge of Night

This item is going to give Pantheon some extra durability, granting him 325 health along with 55 attack damage. Where the item really shines though is through its abilities. The first ability will grant Pantheon some bonus lethality armor penetration, while its second ability will offer a spell shield blocking the next enemy ability every 40 seconds.

Guardian Angel

A common item on aggressive top lane champions, Guardian Angel offers Pantheon a quick way to get back into the battle after being taken down. The item will restore Pantheon with 50 percent health and mana after his health is reduced to zero, allowing him a second chance to emerge victorious in combat. On top of this, the item also will grant 40 bonus armor and attack damage.

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