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Best Warwick build in League of Legends season 10

Here’s one of the best builds for Warwick in season 10.

Easily one of League of Legends‘ most iconic jungle champions, Warwick has been popular since he was added in the early stages of the game. The champion has gone through a complete redesign changing his look and kit completely. But Warwick remains extremely powerful and is one of the best choices for players to use in the jungle.

Each champion in League is going to have a variety of items that will be more effective for them to use depending on their situation in-game. While this is the case, Warwick has some core items that are integral to achieving the best results with the champion.


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Press The Attack: Often Warwick is going to launch out of the jungle to assist teammates in their lanes. Due to this, Press the Attack is the perfect rune. After Warwick has landed three successful basic attacks not only will he deal bonus damage, but also the enemy champion will take increased damage from all sources. This is going to allows the team to secure kills at a faster pace once Warwick is able to land damage by utilizing his skillset.

Triumph: With any jungle champion, entering lane is usually going to be for the purpose of engaging in combat with enemy champions. Triumph will allow Warwick to engage with multiple enemies with less risk since once he has secured a takedown, he will see 12 percent of his missing health restored and gain an extra 20 gold.

Legend: Tenacity: Warwick will often find himself chasing down enemies to secure takedowns for his team. While his skillset greatly increases his ability to do this, especially from his Blood Hunt ability, utilizing this rune is going grant Warwick extra tenacity that will offset some of the effects of enemy crowd control and allow him to get to his target quicker.

Last Stand: This rune is perfect for high damage champions low on health. While Warwick does have multiple ways to heal heath quickly his overall pool of health is not the largest and in turn, he will often be on low health in combat. Last Stand will see the champion deal extra damage as his health goes lower, allowing him to emerge victorious in close duels.


Celerity: Mobility is going to be one of the keys to reaching Warwick’s full potential. If he can catch his prey, he can usually secure the takedown. Celerity increases Warwick’s movement bonuses by seven percent and grants him one percent movement speed.

Waterwalking: As a jungle champion Warwick is going to be spending a lot of his time catching opponents and securing objectives in the river. Waterwalking grants the champion extra movement speed as well as bonus attack damage and ability power while in the river.

Bonuses: +10 percent Attack Speed, +9 adaptive force, +15-90 HP (levels 1-18)

Starting items

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Refillable Potion

Another important item for the jungle role, the Refillable Potion will allow Warwick to heal while he is in the jungle instead of forcing him to return to base. The item acts very similarly to a health potion, however, it will only heal 125 health. Fortunately, the item comes with two uses so is will allow Warwick to usually get a solid start in the jungle to a point he is competent without the use of the item. Whenever the champion does inevitably return to the base, the item will recharge for use again.

Core items

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Stalker’s Blade: Cinderhulk

Upgrading Warwick’s jungle item as quickly as possible is going to be one of the keys to success with the champion. Stalker’s Blade: Cinderhulk will grant Warwick 300 bonus health as well as 10-percent bonus life steal against monsters. This item will also damage nearby enemies within a 325 range. This damage is increased 300 percent to monsters and minions making clearing the jungle extremely easy. Finally, the item also allows Chilling Smite to be used on enemy champions that will deal true damage and steal 20 percent of their movement speed for two seconds, allowing Warwick to catch them and secure the takedown.

Titanic Hydra

An extremely powerful item for the jungle champion, Titanic Hydra grants Warwick 450 extra health, 40 attack damage, and 100-percent base health regeneration. Where this item truly shines is from its passive abilities. The first passive will grant bonus damage to enemies relevant to Warwick’s max health. Attacks from Warwick will also produce an area of effect around him dealing damage to all targets in the range relevant to his maximum health.

Ninja Tabi

On top of the 45 bonus movement speed expected from all boots in the game, Ninja Tabi will also grant Warwick 20 armor and a unique passive that will reduce the effects of basic attacks against the champion. This is going to assist Warwick in taking out basic attack-based champions before they can take him down.

Late-game items

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Spirit Visage

Once you reach the later stages of the game, building Warwick’s health up to make him more durable is going to be especially important granted that you will usually be engaging in teamfights. Spirit Visage boasts stat increases of 450 health and 100-percent health regeneration as well as 10-percent cooldown reduction and 55 magic resist.

Dead Man’s Plate

Keeping to the trend of increasing Warwick’s mobility and health, Dead Man’s Plate is the perfect item for the jungle champion. Warwick will gain stacks by moving that will increase his movement speed. But once Warwick is damaged, this effect will decay. The item also grants stat increases of 425 health and 60 armor, adding to Warwick’s durability. The item’s final passive ability will see Warwick gain stacks from using his basic attacks that once maxed will deal damage to the enemy and slow them.

Guardian Angel

For champions who are melee-based and often on the front line in teamfights, having a Guardian Angel is going to greatly assist the team in combat. The item grants 40 bonus armor and attack damage, but its real strength lies in its ability. Once Warwick’s health reaches zero, he will be revived with 50 percent health and mana and be able to get back into combat.

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