Champion and skin sale 06.02 – 09.02


Hello there. 

 Today is one of two days left so you can get your champion a new look simply by buying one of the skins that are on 50 percent off of their price till tomorrow 09.02.

Now you have the chance to make your Teemo look like Superman in his Super Teemo skin.


Also, your Brand now can look like he’s wearing a gas mask by buying Apocalyptic Brand skin.


Want to make your Malhazar look like the Djinny from the fantasy film Aladdin?

Now is your chance, get your Djinn Malhazar today.


Here are the prices for these three skins on the 50 percent off in the period from 06.02 to 09.02


  • Super Teemo

975      NOW  487 RP

  • Apocalyptic Brand

750     NOW  375 RP

  • Djinn Malhazar

520      NOW 260 RP

Also, you can add these three champions to your roster:


  • Morgana for the price of 585 292


  • Yorick for the price of 880 440


  • Kha’ Zix for the price of 975 487




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