Crownshot to explore options in LEC and LCS for 2021 season

The 22-year-old ADC might have a new home in 2021.

After spending two years with SK Gaming, talented European AD carry Crownshot will be exploring his options for another League of Legends team in 2021.

This past year was pretty disappointing for SK Gaming. In the 2020 Spring Split, the team failed to find any synergy as a group and finished in ninth place with an abysmal 4-14 record. The following season, the team switched out Jenax from the mid lane to the top lane in an attempt to find more success.

Luckily for fans, they were able to reach the playoffs with a 9-9 record but matched up against a red-hot Schalke 04. Schalke was in the middle of their fabled Cinderella run to the LEC playoffs, going from last place to sixth in the span of three weeks.

After getting swept by Schalke in the first round of the lower bracket, SK is now forced to regroup for the 2021 season. Crownshot has been a pretty big part of the team’s identity over these past two years, and his departure will leave a pretty big hole in the roster.

The ADC had the seventh-most kills in the LEC last split, according to Oracle’s Elixir. He also had great early game laning and damage stats, but this is also because SK Gaming played around him and gave him plenty of resources to work with.

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