Dignitas upset TSM again and cement a playoff spot in Pop Flash VALORANT Ignition Series

Is their success still a fluke?

In a rematch of epic proportions, Dignitas defeated TSM in the Pop Flash VALORANT Ignition Series today, 2-1.

Dignitas’ victory in today’s Group A lower bracket final secures them a playoff spot and keeps the underdog story alive. The eighth seed Dignitas beat first-seed TSM in their day one matchup as well.

The rematch started off with a close battle on Haven, ultimately leading to Dignitas’ victory in overtime. Former Fortnite pro Harrison “Psalm” Chang led the charge with 20 kills on Sova. While TSM shined with some superb round-winning plays, it wasn’t enough to best Dig’s consistent and smart gameplay.

Powered by Matthew “WARDELL” Yu, whose 22 kills nearly totaled Dig’s top two players, TSM handily defeated the eight seed team on the second map, 13-3. After Dig took out TSM easily on Bind in day one of the competition, the first seed team answered back with a big win. Dignitas’ team comp lacked any flashes, putting them at a disadvantage against their opponents.

But the match would come down to a final game on Ascent. Dig managed to get an early lead while attacking, but TSM answered back with some amazing plays of their own. WARDELL pulled off an 11th-round clutch with three kills using the Operator. Ultimately, WARDELL’s best efforts weren’t enough to secure a victory.