DRX’s Chovy pulls off insane Irelia outplay in solo queue

The DRX mid laner is popping off.

DRX’s superstar mid laner Chovy made an impressive Irelia outplay in the blink of an eye in a League of Legends solo queue game during a recent stream.

Chovy started the fight with a 0/3/1 scoreline, slowly farming his lane before surprisingly being ganked by the jungler and support on the opposing team. After dropping to 20 health, it seemed like Chovy’s death was imminent. But Chovy pulled off a huge outplay by using Irelia’s Q to dance around the mid lane. He avoided several enemy abilities and healed back up to survive and pick up a kill and two assists.

Following his amazing outplay, Chovy let out a huge sigh of relief, gasping for air after holding his breath to pull off this play.