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EU LCS Summer Split Standings Part 2

Greetings Summoners!

You can read part1 here:

  1. Giants Gaming (13pts)

    After some rough recent splits, departure of their star player xPePii, Giants Gaming are in the playoffs picture. With 4 wins, 1 draw and 5 losses they are currently in the 6th spot. It looks like every time they win it’s on the back of their Korean midlaner NighT who after a couple of dissapointing first matches looks a bit better. Their toplaner SmittyJ and jungler Maxlore are bottom of the pack right now at their positions in the EU LCS. ADC S0NSTAR is not performing like everyone expected from him and their support Hustlin hasn’t had any game-winning nor game-loosing plays this split so far. It will be very interesting to see if they will be able to defend their spot in the playoffs. Predicted place: 7th-6th.
  2. Unicorns of Love (9pts)
    The magical Unicorns of Love have been dissapointing so far. Last couple of splits they were always a solid playoff team but this split they struggle. Alot. They currently have only 2 wins, 3 draws and 5 losses. Hyllisang is still good, Vizicsacsi is their star player right now with maybe their jungler – Move. Move had some good games this split. The obvious weaknesses of this team are the midlaner Exileh and ADC Veritas. Exileh made a lot of one-on-one mistakes and gets caught a lot. Korean Challenger import Veritas is one of the biggest busts this split in the EU LCS. They definitely don’t look like a playoff team right now and they might face relegation. Predicted place: 8th-10th.
  3. Vitality (9pts)

    After a nice first split of the team Vitality looks lost so far in the summer split. They brought in 2 korean imports in place of Shook in the jungle and Hjarnan as the ADC. MightyBear and Police joined and at least Police is competing with UOL Veritas for the biggest bust of the summer split in the EU LCS. Their score right now is 1 win, 6 draws and 3 losses where we can see that they don’t have a lot of losses but often ends the B02 with a 1-1 score. Their core of the team remained the same with Cabochard in the toplane, Nukeduck mid and KaSing as the support. They could maybe make a run for a playoff spot if they manage to get more consistent. Predicted place: 6th-7th.
  4. Origen (9pts)

    This might be the biggest suprise of the summer split in the EU LCS. After an appearance in the Worlds Semi-finals, and 2nd place in the EU LCS Spring Split, everyone saw them as a contender for the summer. But looks like the departure of their botlane Zven+Mithy hit them hard. They thought at first that they got a nice replacement in Forgiven+Hybrid but that wasn’t the case. As Forgiven get tilted easily he left the team in the early weeks this summer which forced xPeke to make a move and play as an ADC. Toplaner Soaz is still incosistently good, Amazing dropped a bit since the Worlds and their midlaner PowerOfEvil still hasn’t shown any signs of his days in the UOL. Honestly they could maybe try to get to playoffs this split but with so many draw games it is hardly possible. Predicted place: 8th-7th.
  5. Roccat(8pts)

    Roccat is currently lying on the bottom of the standings with only 8 points. They won only 1 match, 5 draws and 4 losses. Looks like they share the same faith as the other teams that imported Koreans this split. Toplaner Parang is still considered a Jayce OTP and he doesn’t even play it because it’s not in the meta. He looks insecure on tanks and lacks initiation. Raise still has language problems which causes them too loose many skrimishes and small fights. Airwaks still looks like the same Airwaks from the Copenhagen Wolves days. Their midlaner Betsy is as good as last split but looks like not good enough. ADC Steelback is the star of the team and has to carry the whole team in the future if they want to somehow avoid 10th place. Predicted place: 10th-9th.Stay tuned and good luck, have fun on the Fields of Justice!

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