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Faker Killer – PawN announces his retirement


Faker Killer Pawn
Faker Killer Pawn


“I’m sorry to say hello so late.

I’m sorry for the players, fans and coaches who trusted me in 2019.

All I have to say is I’m sorry.

The reason why I took a break is because of my obsessive compulsive disorder.

From 2018, I couldn’t play games at all if I couldn’t set up my computer very accurately.

I thought about retiring because it didn’t work even if I went to a psychiatric hospital. And I played more during the last Worlds and I thought it was okay so I played in Kingzone. I could do it without any problems during the spring season.

But I didn’t know that I would suddenly become obsessive about setting another way in Summer season.

I’m sorry for disappointing my fans to the team.

I don’t think I can do pro anymore.

Thank you to all the fans who’ve been supporting me.”

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