G2 Esports secure 2020 Worlds spot following dominant win against MAD Lions

Caps earned the Player of the Series award.

G2 Esports qualified for the 2020 League of Legends World Championship today following a one-sided 3-1 win over MAD Lions in the LEC Summer Split playoffs.

Wunder and Caps played major roles in their team’s win, outperforming the opposing laners of MAD. Wunder brought out a secret Neeko pick to counter MAD’s top lane choices, while Caps played his usual carry mages of LeBlanc, Syndra, and Zoe, while bringing out a pocket Irelia pick as well.

The series began with a dominant first game from G2. They were able to get a gold lead starting at the third minute and continued to grow it until the end of the game. They were ruthless, securing every neutral objective and preventing MAD Lions from claiming a single turret. G2’s dominance allowed them to close out the first game in 29 minutes with a 16,000 gold lead.

Following the absolute stomp from G2 in the first game, MAD adjusted their draft, picking global ultimate champions to try to counter G2’s plan of gaining control across the map. MAD’s draft alongside improved gameplay allowed them to stand tall to G2’s aggression. But the huge performances from Wunder resulted in G2 coming back into the game and securing the second game win in the series.