Gen.G take down Hanwha Life Esports in week 9 of LCK Summer Split

Bdd is leading the POG board.

Gen.G swept Hanwha Life Esports today during week nine of the LCK Summer Split today to solidy their third place standing.

Both solo laners received the Player of the Game awards after their outstanding performances on Akali and Renekton. Bdd in particular popped off in both games on Akali, ending 8/4/8 in the first and 8/3/7 in the second game. Bdd is leading the POG standing this split and is 300 points away from second place.

The first game began with a hopeful start for HLE. They picked up early leads everywhere on the map and were on clear track to picking up the win. But HLE failed to hold onto their lead and use their advantage to pressure Gen.G.

As a result, Gen.G were able to come back into the game with superior teamfight skills and better decision-making. After a 34-minute brawl in which Bdd danced around the teamfight and deleted HLE members, Gen.G won the game.

Going into the second game, HLE did not adjust their draft and gave away Akali once again, which destroyed them in the first game. They ran into the same issues in the long run.

Gen.G acquired huge leads early on and decided to farm their KDA. From the start of the game, they began dominating all lanes and instead of playing safely, they kept going for bloody plays all around the map. They secured objectives in the process as well and reached Dragon Soul point at around the 24-minute mark.

HLE tried to stop dying and put Gen.G in place but were unsuccessful. They were vastly outmatched this series and had no chance. Towards the end, they even got destroyed in a two-vs-five fight before losing the Nexus, the game, and the series.