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God Tier Champions For Low Elo: What is in the Meta?

Greetings Summoners!

Ever wondered which champion to main? Which champion is free elo? What is in the meta? How to climb out of “Elo Hell”? Today we bring you a comprehensive video guide from phylol where you can learn something new whether you are low or high elo.


Of course, there are many other champions which can help you climb from Bronze/Silver/Gold but these eight champions are the definition of “cheese”.

The big problem is that the players sometimes want to play fun champions that have a high skill cap in ranked, like Yasuo or Zed. Players in low elo often forget that the right type of CC (Crowd Control) at the right time can change the course of a teamfight, even a game. Perfect Amumu ultimate, Malphite ultimate and many more can give your time huge advantages throughout the game. We have all been in that “one game” where one team had a sick combo like Amumu/Orianna/Leona. Just truck loads of CC and it’s ggwp.

Players of lower elos: Play champions that are strong on ranked, play champions that are fun and cool in normals!

Good luck, have fun on the Fields of Justice!

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