European Masters Tiebreakers: Origen swipes KlikTech with a turnaround!

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European Masters Main Event

Yesterday we spoke about the outcome of the group stage of the European Masters. While group A and B had clear positions with teams that proceed and teams that fall out of the tournament, group C and D had a totally different story. In group C, called “the group of life”, we saw KlikTech, Origin and ExceL eSports fighting for that first spot with each team having two wins and a lose. On the other hand, in group D, or “the group of death”, Ninjas in Pyjamas, SPGeSports and Movistar Riders were fighting for the second and third place that opens them the path to the knockout stage. These teams had to play tiebreakers in order to set their spots for the next stage.

The Tiebreakers Night

Today, we had a magnificent night in the European Masters. This was especially the case in group C, where we first saw ExceL eSports win over KlikTech, but then under-performing against Origen and thus losing the game. With this win and lose from ExceL‘s side, it was all down to that last game between Origen and KlikTech to decide who proceeds straight to the quarterfinals as the group winners. To make things even more complicated, not only KlikTech had to win the game for them to win the group, but they had to win it in under 37 minutes. This rule was introduced in the tiebreakers by the organizers of the European Masters in a case of another tie results between the teams. And, oh boy, does this brought some thrill into the night! By choosing early game composition, KlikTech seemed to have the game in their hands. They took two early barons and manged to achieve a 6k gold lead by the 30th minute. However, this was not enough, because when FORGIVEN hit the 5 items power spike everything went down for KlikTech!

You’ll have to watch the game to witness the madness that was going on and find out how Origen managed to get revenge on KlikTech in the European Masters!

Results and highlights of the Tiebreakers:

Group C

ExceL eSports ( 1 : 0 ) KlikTech

Origen ( 1 : 0 ) ExceL eSports

KlikTech ( 0 : 1 ) Origen

Group D

Ninjas in Pyjamas ( 1 : 0 ) SPGeSports

SPGeSports ( 0 : 1 ) MoviStar Riders

Movistar Riders ( 1 : 0 ) Ninjas in Pyjamas

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