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Huni is so Excited to Fight FNC and SKT

That’s why i carry.
That’s why i’m living on this planet.
That’s why i’m playing on the stage.


I think the main goal is like individually for me I would like to prove that I want to be a good top laner.
At the same time as a team, I think at least we want to go for a group stage.
I also like everyone’s saying right now Group C is gonna be the toughest one of the group at the the moment which is I SKT, FNATIC, RNG.
I guess if you’re going there is gonna be fun we’re gonna be
excited about playing out but at the same time it’s gonna be kind of sad that.
These groups like toughest you know but I think it’s gonna be pretty happy to play versus like my old teammates which
is like Faker and Reckless you know
it’s gotta be pretty good. that matchup I mean I’ve been I’ve been
playing pretty well you know and I’m pretty confident – playing vs anyone.

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