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June sales have been announced


Check out all the champs and skins on sale this June!

Like previous sales schedules, Riot did not post the exact dates for each champion and skin, but they will all appear in the shop sometime during the next month.

An important note — since Riot have published these information in advance, they won’t offer partial refunds on champs and skins purchased before they go on sale.

Scheduled Sales:

ChampionSale Price (RP)SkinSale Price (RP)
487Amethyst Ashe 487
Azir487Arcade Riven 675
Bard487Bandito Fiddlesticks 260
Blitzcrank395Bioforge Darius487
Camille 487Bladecraft Orianna487
Corki395Blood Moon Kennen487
Elise 440Blood Moon Yasuo 487
Ezrael440Darkforge Jarvan IV487
Hecarim440Debonair Galio375
Jinx487Djinn Malzahar260
Kalista 487Dragonslayer Vayne487
Karma395Dreadknight Nasus487
Kled487El Rayo Volibear375
Leona440Full Metal Pantheon487
Lissandra487General Wukong375
Lucian 487Harbinger Kassadin487
Maokai440Headhunter Akali675
Miss Fortune 395Infernal Mordekaiser260
Nami440Justicar Syndra487
Nautilus 440Leprechaun Veigar260
Nidalee395Mad Hatter Shaco260
Olaf395Marquis Vladimir260
Pantheon395Moo Cow Alistar487
Rakan487Order of the Banana Soraka375
Quinn487Piltover Customs Heimerdinger487
Shen395Prehistoric Anivia375
Swain440Sandstorm Katarina487
Trundle440Shockblade Zed487
Twitch395Spooky Gangplank260
Urgot 395Star Guardian Lulu675
Vel'Koz487Tango Twisted Fate 260
Xayah487Void Bringer Illaoi675
Zac487Warmonger Sion 487
Ziggs440Wicked LeBlanc375

Early Sales:

SkinPrice (RP)Sale Price (RP)
God Staff Jax1350975
Arctic Ops Gragas1350975


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