KlikTech are smurfing in the European Masters

KlikTech’s success

KlikTech performance in the European Masters competition has been outstanding. After they’ve won the Esports Balkan League (EBL) a couple of week earlier without losing a single match, they’ve proceeded to dominate the European scene, going on a 25-0 winning streak in competitive matches.

The Croatian team, with three Serbian members, one Croatian and one Bulgarian, demolished their opponents in their two games in the group stage, as well as in the game in the elimination phase.

KickTech vs K1CK eSports Club

In their last series against K1CK eSports Club finished only couple of minutes ago, they’ve managed to stomp their opponents in the first game by closing the game in the 22 minute with a lead of 15k gold. The second game came as closest I’ve seen to KlikTech losing a game since I’ve started following them in the EBL. However, it seems like their understanding of the game is levels ahead of any opponent they’ve faced and it was this knowledge that let them win the second match. Even though they’ve made mistakes, their mid and late game decisions looked perfectly coordinated. They knew when to dive and how, when to engage and when to disengage and how to abuse given opportunities. In this series against K1CK eSports Club, they showed character that we have not seen from any other team in the qualification stage in the European Masters.

Highlights of match 1

Highlights of match 2

The KlikTech Team

KlikTech roster 2018
KlikTech’s roster that won the EBL: Sacre (top), Stefan (jungle), Milica (mid), Nikola Senpai (ADC) and Priqtel (support)

It seems like all of KlikTech’s players are capable of carrying the game. At least, that’s what we learned from the games they’ve played in the European Masters. KlikTech’s mid laner, Milica (or Militsia or Milika, how the casters and hosts like to call him) played a leading role on his Ryze in the game against Could Be Better, finishing the game with a score of 10-1-1. In the game against Berlin International Gaming it was Sacre on his Camille who showed us his potentials to carry. In the elimination stage yesterday it was Stefan’s (Kliktech’s jungler) time to shine. And today, we’ve seen how powerful their bot duo can be when they unleash the snowball power of Caitlyn, played by Nikola Senpai.

Again, even though we’ve seen brilliant individual performance by each member of their team, it is their coordination, fast rotation, decisiveness and team positioning that makes us feel like their opponents don’t stand a chance.

What’s next for KlikTech

By winning this last series against K1CK eSports Club, they qualified for the Main Event of the European Masters. The draw for the groups of the Main Event are currently happening. Depending on the draw, KlikTech might face some of the best teams from the regions around Europe, out of which Origen is the main candidate for the trophy. However, if KlikTech continue with their magnificent performance, we might witness an underdog taking over Europe.

Follow the European Masters on the the official streams and see what happens next:

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