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League of Legends mid lane tier list

These are the best mid lane champions of season 10.



  • Zhonya’s-like basic ability
  • Can 100-0 in the blink of an eye
  • Can solo carry games


  • Melee
  • Item dependent

The Tidal Trickster is back in the meta after a long hiatus. He is an answer to many popular mid lane picks, such as Twisted Fate or Zed. His ability to easily roam to side lanes is also unmatched due to the low cooldown on his jump ability, which allows him to shave off crucial seconds from the road to the bottom or top lane.

Item build

Fizz is quite flexible with his rune choice. He can go Precision for Conqueror, Resolve for Grasp or Domination for Electrocute or Hail of Blades. The most reliable one and easiest to play is Domination with Electrocute. It grants you access to additional magic penetration via Sudden Impact, additional AP via Eyeball Collection, and additional healing via Ravenous Hunter.

Secondary Precision tree is taken for the Tenacity and additional mana to avoid going into inefficient mana items. Tenacity from runes gives you the possibility to get offensive boots such as Ionian Boots of Lucidity or Sorcerer’s Shoes. If you forego the Legend: Tenacity rune, you might need to invest in Mercury Threads to avoid getting blown up

Ability priority

Fizz’s skill priority is R>E>W>Q. E is maxed first since it is one of the most overpowered abilities in the game. On top of the untargetable effect, it deals quite a lot of damage allowing you to waveclear without getting punished for it. Once you reach level 6, it allows you to easily dive and get out of tower aggro range on top of that as well.

W is maxed second for the additional damage on the Damage-over-Time effect and Q is maxed last since the utility from E and W outweigh the Q effect.

Game plan

Fizz is a mobile assassin who excels at deleting targets before they realize what happened to them. He is the strongest during the early and mid stages of the game, where enemies don’t have vulnerabilities or shields bought.

Your goal should be to shove waves in the mid lane and then look for roams in the top or bottom lane. This will allow you to get small leads and become stronger than your opposing mid laner. Once you get your core items of Protobelt or Lichbane, you should be able to take out most champions in the game, with the exception of tanks. Look for such opportunities and keep snowballing until the game is out of your enemies control.



  • No mana
  • High skill cap
  • One of the rewarding mastered champions in the game


  • Weak against tanks
  • Hard to come back if behind

Zed is one of the most popular assassins on the Rift with whom the arguably best League of Legends player Faker became known for. The skill cap is tremendous and the difference between a one-game Zed and a one-hundred-game Zed can be easily seen.

The recent revert of his nerf from Season 3 brought him back to terrorize the Rift once again.

Item build

Zed excels at dealing huge amounts of damage in short periods of time and getting out unscathed before the opponents realize what happened to them. The Domination primary Keystone aids his goal considering it gives you Electrocute which you can proc easily, Cheap Shot to ensure you have enough sustain to reach your power spikes, Eyeball Collection for the additional AD and Ultimate Hunter for that low cooldown on your ultimate.

There’s a couple of viable secondary rune pages, with Sorcery being the most popular one for the additional cooldown reduction and Scorch for additional damage.

Ability priority

Zed’s skill priority is: R>Q>E>W. You want your main damaging ability in Q to be maxed out as soon as possible. Afterwards you want to focus on maxing E to increase your burst potential. While W is an amazing ability, the additional damage from Q and E outweigh the utility from the W.

Game plan

Zed is an early to mid-game assassin who excels at getting in and out in a couple of frames before enemies realize what happened. You have a lot of damage early on but at the same time you become vulnerable if you use your shadow aggressively.

Balance out aggressive with safe plays during the laning phase, look for opportunities to land a deadly W>E>Q combo on the enemy when he tries to last hit. Once you reach level six, start looking for opportunities to kill your opposing laner or go for a roam on the side lanes.

As you slowly grow in power with your lethality item spikes, you’ll reach a plateau in the mid-game unless you are extremely fed. It’s important to look for opportunities by split pushing, ambushing opponents to end the game before that point, otherwise you’ll get out-scaled and lose the game.

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