LGD Gaming beat Team WE to advance in LPL Summer Split playoffs

Peanut is on his way to another trophy.

LGD Gaming are moving on to the next round of the 2020 LPL Summer Split playoffs after a dominant 3-1 win over Team WE today.

This League of Legends match featured huge plays from the LGD squad. They were methodical in their drafts, took calculated risks in-game, and were the better-prepared team today. Mid laner Su “Xiye” Han-Wei got revenge against his former team after they replaced him at the end of 2019.

LGD began the series with aggressive plays all around the map, looking for opportunities to achieve a gold lead. Their plan was successful, and after five minutes, they grew a gold lead that never went in WE’s favor. LGD were so dominant that by the end of the game, the gold difference was more than 13,000.

WE adjusted their draft after the first loss and played much better in the second game. They kept acquiring early leads but didn’t funnel resources into early dragons. As a result, LGD stayed in the game by denying the Dragon Soul from WE.

After a chaotic Baron call, WE threw the game and LGD started to make a comeback. Following the next teamfight, LGD dismantled WE and finished the game.

In the third game, WE played as coordinated as they did in the second showdown. They didn’t make any hasty Baron calls, though, allowing them to stay in the series for at least another game by getting a win.

But the fourth game was the xiye show. He played superbly on Orianna, securing game-deciding Shockwaves and stopping WE in their tracks. WE’s jungler tried to keep LGD from absolute domination and got some solo kills, but in the grand scheme of things, that didn’t matter too much.