MSI Play-Ins Knockouts: EVOS annihilates SuperMassive and proceeds to the Main Event

EVOS Esports destroys SuperMassive eSports in a Bo5

After showing superb performance during the group stage of the Play-Ins, SuperMassive eSports were put to a stop by the Vietnamese team EVOS Esports.

BAUSuperMassive eSports started the MSI with five wins during the group stage. They were by far the most promising team coming from that stage of the competition. However, during today’s series, EVOS Esports looked like a team that is leagues above the Turkish boys.

The representatives from the VCS

Prior to this series many underestimated EVOS‘ potentials, claiming that without GIGABYTE Marines, the Vietnamese region does not have a worth representative. And even though EVOS‘ play-style is not as entertaining as their compatriots’, they most certainly are not a team to easily write off from the competition.

And, oh boy, did they proved this with their performance today!

This was especially the case of the MVP of the series, the absolutely brilliant young magician – YiJin. The seventeen year old Vietnamese, who plays the jungle role for the EVOS Esports team, not only helped their team to enter the Main Event of the MSI, but he singlehandedly carried the last two games of the series. His solid performance on Graves was something that we have not seen at all during this year’s MSI. During the mid phase of the game he was three levels and 5k gold ahead of his opponent! Twice! What is most impressive is his comeback in the last game of the series. Even though he gave away first blood early in the game, he stroke back with suck an aggression that he went from 0/1/0 to 5/1/3, finishing the game with a final score of 10/3/5.

Finally, EVOS‘ players overall macro and micro outplays were could not be matched by SuperMassive‘s roster. Dominated in each lane, they did not have an answer for the Vietnamese machinery and were forced to finish their journey of this year’s MSI.

Highlights of the series

First game

Second game

Third game

Fourth game

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