New Mac Installs Possibly Halted on macOS 10.15


Hey Mac users!

We have another update for you following Apple’s announcement regarding macOS 10.15. Named Catalina, Apple’s newest operating system is set to release sometime in October 2019 as announced on their official website.

TLDR: Due to the broad release date, we don’t know if Catalina will support League of Legends and TFT on Mac devices. If you know a Mac user who might be interested in League of Legends or TFT, get them to install it as soon as possible to be safe!

How does this affect me, a Mac League of Legends/TFT player?

Existing players with League of Legends on their Macs will not have any problems or changes with League of Legends when Catalina rolls out. The game will patch normally and players will be able to play as they have been!

So what’s changing?

At this time and with what we know, people will not be able to install League of Legends on their Mac devices on Catalina. So in the meantime, if you know someone who is interested in installing League of Legends, they should do so before Catalina debuts in October OR not update their macOS to Catalina until they do.

When will we have more information on exact timing?

We do not currently have an estimated timeline for when Catalina will be able to support League of Legends, but we will update players as we get a clearer look at its release date.

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