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PsyOps and Hextech splash arts found on League PBE

Ezreal gets another skin to expand his collection.

Two weeks after Riot teased a psychic android skin line in League of Legends, fans finally got a look at some new splash arts today on the PBE.

While these PsyOps splash arts for Ezreal, Vi, and Shen are the only ones available on the PBE right now, more should be released over the next couple of days. As a bonus, fans also got to see a splash art for Ziggs, the latest addition to the Hextech skin line.

Image via Riot Games

Ezreal is shown in a futuristic suit, rocking blue eyes and a new, improved gauntlet to deliver his arcane shots. While there are some similarities with his ultimate skin line, Pulsefire, this cosmetic looks much more modern and appealing.

Image via Riot Games

Shen looks like a robotic ninja, ready to deliver lethal blows before you can even react. Shielded by an energetic aura around him, he’s ready to stand united with your wallet for his next purchase.

Image via Riot Games

Vi seems ready to crush and deliver lethal blows. She has immense, mechanic hands to help her out, but otherwise she looks normal with some tattoo markings.

Image via Riot Games

Hextech, the forefront of science and art, has added none other than Ziggs, the Hexplosives Expert. He’s one of the most skilled artificers League has to offer, so it makes perfect sense for him to join the skin line.

The PsyOps skin line was teased by Brazilian leaker Streamie in late July. League fans were initially excited about it, even before Riot delivered a trailer.

Due to the fact that these splash arts have been released on the PBE, the skins will most likely hit the live servers in the next patch in two weeks unless there are any significant bugs with the cosmetics.

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