Schalke continue miracle run, take down SK Gaming in first round of LEC Summer Split playoffs

GodGilius and Abbefaker have no brakes.

Schalke 04 swept SK Gaming in the first round of LEC Summer Split playoffs today to keep their remarkable win streak alive.

Schalke’s entire squad played phenomenally today, but mid laner Abbedagge was on a completely different level. His exceptional play on Orianna and Azir dismantled SK in all three games, producing a combined 17/2/16 scoreline in the series for a 16.5 KDA.

This League of Legends showdown began with a non-traditional first game after SK tried to pull off a lane swap that failed horribly. Odoamne is one of the oldest players in the LEC who’s gone through a lot of metas, so he was prepared for this tactic. He said in the post-game interview that he was disappointed at how poorly it was executed by SK.