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SKT vs Rox with a Tie Breaker 2016 – Ashe and MF Meta

Worlds 2016 Semifinals | SKT vs ROX Tigers

SKT vs ROX Game 1 Highlights

Shoutcasters are rapping fans are cheering, you can feel the pressure in the battle.
SKT got the first baron without any interference, and Rox Peanut got the dragon.
SKT trying to steal the baron out of Rox but they failed and decided to fall back.
SKT won a 3 vs 4 fight against Rox and just luring out Smeb against Zyra and Olaf so that he can not fall back and SKT wins the first game.

SKT vs ROX Game 2 Highlights

Rox uses their hidden meta Support Miss Fortune and ADC Ashe on Bot Lane.
Also nice teamwork by saving Rumble on the tower by getting hit by the tower.
When Ashe Ultied MF Ultied an easy kill for Rox on Zyra because of the AOE Damage and the burst. Ezreal can’t do a thing.
Rox is babysitting bottom lane by always ganking and it has a big potential for ganks because of Ashe and MF Ulti with Lee Sin as a jungle.
A huge flash into wall failure by Faker.
Rox gets the baron and SKT failed to steal the baron because of the huge poke by Rox. SKT chose to engage even though Rox gets the baron. SKT have a hard time killing engaging because of Ashe Slow, Miss Fortune Slow, Karma Slow, Rumble Slow, and Lee Sin. Another bad trade for SKT.
The famous Arrow from Rox that stops Ekko from recalling back to base and won the game.

SKT vs ROX Game 3 Highlights

Rox uses their Ashe and Miss Fortune Again!
Whenever Ashe arrow hits a target it will surely die.
Strong Poke by Rox again by their team composition and Baron by Rox.
They can’t beat the Arrow Combo by Rox.
Rox Wins.

SKT vs ROX Game 4 Highlights

Shoutcasters are rapping fans are cheering, you can feel the pressure in the battle.
Rox only uses Ashe and having a bad game in the Arrows plus the synergy with syndra is bad.
SKT is helping the bottom lane now as they didn’t do the past 2 games.
With 3 support Karma, Zilean and Nidalee they have countered Ashe Combo within Rox.
SKT Got the Baron and Dragon.
SKT Wins.

SKT vs ROX Game 5 Highlights

SKT now uses Ashe and Lee Sin.
Rox 2 Wins SKT 2 Wins.
A battle in which is the true meaning of best of 5.
A good synergy by SKT, baron stole by Rox but SKT won a team fight.
Second Baron by SKT and a high gold lead.
SKT Wins.

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