T1 beat Afreeca Freecs, secure fifth win in a row with Faker on the bench

Was Faker the problem?

T1 picked up their fifth straight victory with Faker on the bench today, taking down Afreeca Freecs in the 2020 LCK Summer Split.

All of the players on T1 were on point today, making decisive plays. But substitute mid laner Clozer, in particular, played phenomenally. He was given his signature Zoe pick in both games, which he used to carry teamfights for T1 without issues.

In the first game of this League of Legends match, an 11-minute teamfight sealed AFS’ fate after T1 scored an ace. T1 destroyed AFS in that one fight and snowballed out of control.

Clozer’s swift mechanics on Zoe seem unmatched. He looks like one of the best Zoe players in the LCK right now. He keeps carrying teamfight after teamfight and it’s unclear why teams keep giving him the opportunity to play that champ.