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Weight of the World | Worlds 2018 Semifinals | Invictus Gaming vs G2 Esports

Instead of claiming we are the champion, and we are here to defend that title.
I don’t think that is the right attitude.
From now on, we have to put aside all this so-called glory.
So this year, we will fight other regions as challengers.

Relive the moments that made Worlds unforgettable. A deep dive into the semifinals series of iG vs G2 at Worlds 2018. A series that would ultimately lead to the LPL’s first World Championship.

Don’t miss the unforgettable moments that will make up Worlds 2019. Matches begin October 2nd at

Directed by David Brodie Editorial Facility: Rock Paper Scissor

Who’s Excited for the Worlds 2019 Song?

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